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We’re a team of developers and designers. We’re makers! We want to help your company or brand to create amazing experiences through technology.

Internet of Everything

The Internet of Everything arises from the combination of the Internet of Digital, Internet of Humans and Internet of Things. It is the next stage for a widely connected world.

Imagine a world where all things are or may be connected. A world where people choose where to spend their time, money and resources. A world without waste...

Now stop imagining it - that world has arrived!

Internet of everything

Openship Lab

Openship is an open innovation project office. Through human-computer interaction, the development of software and hardware, collaboration between people, society and industry and the connection between networks, we are creating innovative solutions for a world in which old ideas do not work anymore.


We believe in collaboration. We put our talent to the service of companies and organizations that want to create innovative and high-impact solutions.

Software & Hardware Development

Our multidisciplinary team has all required experience to develop software, hardware, or both.


The only way we know to put an idea to the test is by prototyping. We make practical experiences as a way of validating the next steps.

Tailored Projects

Our team has all required experience to develop custom projects in a short time.


We do amazing things
Astro Hub

Astro Hub is a software and hardware solution that provides accurate real-time energy measurement of any device that is plugged in, energy consumption, and the insight you need to start making smarter choices about efficient use of your home, office or business from any device, anywhere.

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Automated and intelligent irrigation system. Cultive monitors soil humidity considering the necessity of each crop and starts irrigation automatically.

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Celera Traduções

Translate in a click. Celera is a marketplace of translations. Send the document to be translated, pay online and receive the translation in your email.

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Your website created and updated instantly from your facebook page. Pagefy is the easiest way for you to have a website for your company.

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Our Team

These wonderful people get things done.
Ricardo Infante

CEO & UX Designer

Fabiana Avellar

COO & UX Designer

Mozart Brum

Software Engineer & UX Designer

Paulo Massilon

Developer & UX Designer

Rafael Peratello

Hardware Engineer & UX Designer

Augusto Lázaro

Developer & UX Designer

Caio Flores

Developer & Growth Hacker

Bruno Lemos

Developer Full Stack

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